So this is Self-Indulgent…


Hiiiiiiiiiii!! I’m Charlotte, you can call me Charlie, Chazzzzza, CharcharLotlot.. whatever floats your boat. I’m obsessed with skin, health, beautifulness. I favour singing and dancing as the ultimate remedy for the blues. Sometimes I like to spend hours getting dressed- it excites me, it gets the creative juices flowin’. I feel at home when I’m playful and goofy. To me, the best days are spent having long conversations with old friends, waking up super early and watching the sunrise, laughing nonstop, eating mangoes, getting into my glad-rags and dancing the night away. 


Bags of fruit and veg get me excited, SUPER excited.. I could SCREAM. My best friend is called Dave and he recently proposed! I met him 5 years ago whilst wearing a sombrero- I didn’t think much of him at first. He soon unintentionally caught my eye with his charm. I have three beautiful sisters and two cheeky brothers, I am the third of the clan and the BEST (i kid, i kid). I used to be the tallest until my sneaky brothers caught up with me, now I can no longer feel completely superior. And yes- i wore red and white, completely round wire glasses as a child. (i also had an eye patch and a night brace, i know.. SUPERHERO) I am a bit (a bit?! a lot? a LOT) of a poser. I used to have super short hair because one day I had had enough. So Dave took to the scissors and cut it all off. I graduated with a 2.1 in Textile Design, (go me!!!) and I LOVE to create stufffff.