To fall in love with running, or exercise of any kind for that matter, you have to have good kit. (its no use going swimming in a m&s plastic bag, although I know its tempting..)

What I mean is, unless you are already fanatical about swimming, don’t expect to fall in love with the sport if all you ever have to clothe you is a plastic bag.
I have been a runner since I was ten at least, I’ve always been good at long distance. But the only thing that seems to make me enjoy it is the fact that I’m quite good, I’m not sure if I even enjoy the running so much. I think at this stage because I’ve been doing it so long, I look at running as something you have to do now and again because you just HAVE TO.

I don’t want to see running that way. I don’t want to see exercise that way.
I want to LOVE it.

So this is where kit gets involved. Recently I’ve realised that the reason why I don’t like running in bad weather is because I get wet. (obvious stuff I know..but if took me a good while to figure that bad boy out)
I bought myself a cap. It keeps the rain and wind off your face, and might I add it makes me feel rather nifty.