My Food Philosophy

If I was to describe the way I eat, I’d say it was a Plant Based Diet. Emphasis on the based- as I eat mostly veg, fruit, nuts, seeds, beans and whole-grains. I say based because I will also eat fish, cheese, eggs, the very occasional piece of red meat or chicken. And I mostly go for unrefined food, but I do still often eat croissants. So its all a journey. My aim is to knock out dairy completely (I think) and stick to fish if I feel the need for some kind of meat. Its hard to say where I’ll end up, but at the moment I am headed towards the vegan route.

For me, the most important thing is to eat quality, organic, nutrient dense plant based foods most of the time.

I also believe in the benefits of eating a lot of raw. I don’t feel that it is right for me personally to cut out all cooked foods altogether. Maybe one day I’ll change my mind. I don’t want to attach myself to a specific label at this stage, because I feel that leaves no room for error. If you are on a food journey like me, you’ve got to be kind to yourself and take it at a good pace. There’s no point hating on yourself for eating the wrong thing- if you haven’t found your body tasty alternatives, how can you blame yourself?

Also- I avoid refined sugar. Not completely- I talked about this in the Skin Story page- but my aim is to cut down on it even further and take up healthier alternatives to the sweet stuff. This all might seem a bit drastic to you but I am not on the vegan route for weight loss reasons, I aim to get the right amount of calories for my body, I just believe that by going down a plant based route I will be kinder to my body, have more energy and gain a better outlook on life….all in all good stuff!