Green Smoothie Benefits


Green smoothies are potent elixirs drank by superheroes to give them their WOW factor. Think they’re worth a shot now? Let’s look at a few basic advantages of those good lookin’ green smoothies:

  1. FIBRE RICH! If nothing else convinces you to drink the green stuff, think of this- those added greens will help eliminate the bad stuff hanging around. Fibre is like a sponge, it picks up the rubbish and FLUSHES it out! Good job fibre!
  2. EASY DIGEST. Because its all blended up, your body won’t have to deal with that, so 1) your body can access the nutrients STRAIGHT AWAY (it doesn’t have to process them to access them, they’re already processed, GENIUS!!) which is like having an instant shot of the good stuff, ohhhh yeah, I’m talking about my good friends Vitamins and Minerals. Hello friends, I’d like to eat you now.
  3. ENERGY. They have a low GI (glycemic index) so they won’t make you sugar spike and have your emotions flying around like make meals out of marshmallows and mars bar ice-creams (true story.)
  4. ANTI-INFLAMMATORY. Well this is a boring word. Why would I want that? Well let’s look at it this way- if you have a highly acidic diet (been ordering Dominoes every night of the week have we??) you’re body will be more prone to illness and infection (ugh. What a pain! Ha ha. Pain pun.) Your body is naturally slightly alkaline. It doesn’t want to be super acidic and it’ll tell you off by giving you the flu. Tut tut. Greens are alkaline. Like flu-fighting warriors, they come in with their bazukas and sort out those naughty acids.
  5. NUTRIENT DENSE. Dark leafy veggies are very very nutrient dense. Nutrient density is about the proportion of nutrients provided by the number of calories in food. For example, doughnuts are high in calories but low in nutrients. Your body recognises nutrients, they make you feel full, satisfied- because your body is getting what it needs and wants. But calories without many nutrients (for example, refined sugary treats like doughnuts) leave your body unsatisfied, still feeling hungry even though you may have chowed down hundreds of calories.

The Green Smoothie Habit


When? First Thing. (Morning)

How Often? Daily.

It’ll give you more buzz than your morning caffeine fix, plenty of vitamins to ward off sickness and it is incredibly easy to digest. Plus, it hydrates you.

Have a play about with the ingredients to find your favourite formula.

Heres mine:

2-3 bananas
2 big handfuls leaves
a smallish chunk of ginger
1 lemon/ lime squeezed (opt)
-Pack all of your ingredients into the Vitamix/Blender
-Pour in water until just over half the ingredients are immersed. Whizzzzz.


1-2 bananas
2 big handfuls leaves
a smallish chunk of ginger
1 lemon/ lime squeezed (opt)
-Pack all of your ingredients into the Vitamix/Blender
-Pour in water until the ingredients are almost completely immersed. Whizzzzzz.





To fall in love with running, or exercise of any kind for that matter, you have to have good kit. (its no use going swimming in a m&s plastic bag, although I know its tempting..)

What I mean is, unless you are already fanatical about swimming, don’t expect to fall in love with the sport if all you ever have to clothe you is a plastic bag.
I have been a runner since I was ten at least, I’ve always been good at long distance. But the only thing that seems to make me enjoy it is the fact that I’m quite good, I’m not sure if I even enjoy the running so much. I think at this stage because I’ve been doing it so long, I look at running as something you have to do now and again because you just HAVE TO.

I don’t want to see running that way. I don’t want to see exercise that way.
I want to LOVE it.

So this is where kit gets involved. Recently I’ve realised that the reason why I don’t like running in bad weather is because I get wet. (obvious stuff I know..but if took me a good while to figure that bad boy out)
I bought myself a cap. It keeps the rain and wind off your face, and might I add it makes me feel rather nifty.

Food Colour Association Experiment- Yellow

yellow board


What’s the experiment about?


Yellow is BOUNCE. It’s jumping out of bed in the morning and greeting the day with oomph. It’s electrifying energy. It does after all…symbolise the sun. Get up excited, watch the sunRISE, make lemonade and laugh. A barrel of laughs. Yellow is positivity bottled. Bananas are a fantastic source of energy and ginger is so potent, it’ll give you buzz for hours. 


“A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything.”

“Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen.”

“Rise up and attack the day with enthusiasm.”

“The world you desire can be won. It exists, its real, its possible, its yours.” Ayn Rand

“Remember you’re the one who can fill the world with sunshine.” Snow White 

The ‘Food Colour Association’ Experiment

Perception- “the way in which something is regarded, understood or interpreted.”

Perception is key to changing your diet. Just think about brussels sprouts for a second and you will probably understand (unless you are a weirdo freak that somehow likes sprouts… I’m just jealous). In order to shake up my own view on all things plant based and wonderful- I have put together some colour boards. Each colour conjures up key words, moods and feelings that I am going to start associating with food of the same colour.

Click Here for: Yellow, Green, Pink

Cleansing LESS.

 cleanse less


I’ve come to believe that skin adjusts itself to how you treat it. For example- if you scrub your skin day and night it will adjust itself accordingly. Which might mean producing excess oil to balance out the dryness of scrubbing. Like a cameleon, it changes to fit with its environment. I’ve never questioned the routine that I grew up with. Cleanse, Tone, Moisterise, day and night and NEVER EVER go to sleep with make up on. Those three steps seemed to be all any girl would need to get her skin glowing, blemish free, flawless.

But my skin has- for the most part- been seriously dry, even scaly. No matter how much moisteriser I used to slap on made any difference. Don’t get me wrong- I don’t for a second think that the perfect skincare regime will be the end to everyone’s skin woes. But I do think that skincare has a fundamental effect. As far as skin traitors go, I have been up there with the worst of them. I’ve scrubbed endlessly, squeezed and picked, steamed like no other but it has gotten me nowhere.

Recently I came across an idea called ‘the caveman regime’ on The Love Vitamin. It involves doing nothing to your face. No washing, no moisterising, no dabbing, no rubbing, no make-up, not even splashing your face with water. Nothing. The idea is that once you stop doing all these things to your skin, it can get back to being itself, back to the way it should be, living and breathing, adjusting and correcting itself. What if with all this stuff we put on out face- out skin spends all of its time simply coping rather than being content?

So hate on me for being narrow-minded and a stickler for habit, but I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t do absolutely nothing. After all, sometimes I like to wear make-up. So I went for a nice medium, I’m experimenting cleansing my face only at night. There are a couple reasons why I’m happy to do this:

  1. Currently I don’t have a job- I don’t feel embarrassed about walking around everyday without anything on my face or without washing it for that matter.
  2. I cleanse my face with olive oil. Cleansing at night means I don’t have to worry if my cleansing routine leaves my face a little too oily- it’ll be gone by the morning. (if I cleanse my face with oil in the morning I have to either use fairly hot water to wash it off or I have to flannel for longer which often leaves my face slightly drier-I don’t like it)

I’ve been doing it for a little while now and I am loving it. I feel like my skin has more time to be and it seems less agitated. Every night I use a fresh flannel, (I used to use muslin cloths but concluded I hated them) I have a stock of grey and white ones- yum. I make sure to use the flannel super gently on my face as if my skin was silk (I imagine dabbing away the days impurities.) On days I’ve worn make-up I simply do the process twice but use one side of the flannel for the old make-up and the other for the second cleanse.

So, I understand if this cleansing once a day is not for you.

But please do this one thing for me, be GENTLE.