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Food Colour Association Experiment- Green



What’s the experiment about?

Changing my Perception of Greeeeeen

Think of green as the foundation. It is all over nature, in plants and trees, on hilltops and through forests, it is the smell of fresh air, the smell of freshly cut grass. The fundamental roots of health start here. Think of it as a nutrient dense elixir rapidly coursing through the body, revitalising, rejuvenating, producing new life to your tired, dull, aching frame. Every morning as you drink your green juice, you are directly feeeeeding your skin. Neglecting this habit would be a mistake- you’re skin can’t heal itself without the correct nutrients. Its the same as neglecting nature. Without a daily intake of fresh air and a wander outdoors I find myself feeling claustrophobic. I’m sure this is related to the fact our bodies cannot produce vitamin D (the happy vitamin)- the sun is a significant source of it- and we must get outside to claim it. Fresh air is quite literally linked to our happiness.  

Green foods especially dark green leafy vegetables are low in sugar (keeping you on an emotional even keel), high in fibre (no more nasty constipation for you!) and full of water (keeping you hydrated, score!) They also have healing properties due to the phytonutrients they possess. 

GREEN Quotes

“Enjoy breathing.” Julia Hendrickson

“You create your own calm.”

“BREATHE. And release anything that does not serve you.”

“The grass isn’t greener on the other side. Its green where you water it.”

Making Green Potent: Citrus-Based Green Smoothies



To change it up a bit…leave out the water in your daily green smoothie (basic recipe here). Instead- start it off with a citrus base. Squeeze a whole load of oranges and if you want some tang- squeeze  some lemon or lime in as well. Pour into your Vitamix (or high powered blender) and proceed with the rest of your ingredients as normal.

This concoction is sure to wake you up pronto. 

Green Smoothie Benefits


Green smoothies are potent elixirs drank by superheroes to give them their WOW factor. Think they’re worth a shot now? Let’s look at a few basic advantages of those good lookin’ green smoothies:

  1. FIBRE RICH! If nothing else convinces you to drink the green stuff, think of this- those added greens will help eliminate the bad stuff hanging around. Fibre is like a sponge, it picks up the rubbish and FLUSHES it out! Good job fibre!
  2. EASY DIGEST. Because its all blended up, your body won’t have to deal with that, so 1) your body can access the nutrients STRAIGHT AWAY (it doesn’t have to process them to access them, they’re already processed, GENIUS!!) which is like having an instant shot of the good stuff, ohhhh yeah, I’m talking about my good friends Vitamins and Minerals. Hello friends, I’d like to eat you now.
  3. ENERGY. They have a low GI (glycemic index) so they won’t make you sugar spike and have your emotions flying around like make meals out of marshmallows and mars bar ice-creams (true story.)
  4. ANTI-INFLAMMATORY. Well this is a boring word. Why would I want that? Well let’s look at it this way- if you have a highly acidic diet (been ordering Dominoes every night of the week have we??) you’re body will be more prone to illness and infection (ugh. What a pain! Ha ha. Pain pun.) Your body is naturally slightly alkaline. It doesn’t want to be super acidic and it’ll tell you off by giving you the flu. Tut tut. Greens are alkaline. Like flu-fighting warriors, they come in with their bazukas and sort out those naughty acids.
  5. NUTRIENT DENSE. Dark leafy veggies are very very nutrient dense. Nutrient density is about the proportion of nutrients provided by the number of calories in food. For example, doughnuts are high in calories but low in nutrients. Your body recognises nutrients, they make you feel full, satisfied- because your body is getting what it needs and wants. But calories without many nutrients (for example, refined sugary treats like doughnuts) leave your body unsatisfied, still feeling hungry even though you may have chowed down hundreds of calories.

The Green Smoothie Habit


When? First Thing. (Morning)

How Often? Daily.

It’ll give you more buzz than your morning caffeine fix, plenty of vitamins to ward off sickness and it is incredibly easy to digest. Plus, it hydrates you.

Have a play about with the ingredients to find your favourite formula.

Heres mine:

2-3 bananas
2 big handfuls leaves
a smallish chunk of ginger
1 lemon/ lime squeezed (opt)
-Pack all of your ingredients into the Vitamix/Blender
-Pour in water until just over half the ingredients are immersed. Whizzzzz.


1-2 bananas
2 big handfuls leaves
a smallish chunk of ginger
1 lemon/ lime squeezed (opt)
-Pack all of your ingredients into the Vitamix/Blender
-Pour in water until the ingredients are almost completely immersed. Whizzzzzz.